Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Amazing game

Amazing baseball game tonight, Atlanta vs. the Cubs. I need to get a tv and get this or sign up for the online service again with a tv and my laptop, probably that option. I wouldn't be able to watch any Jays games but I could watch all the Tampa and Braves games.

Cubs leading 5-0 in the 6th and the Cubs have a no hitter, Braves get three in the 8th, come back with a 2 run homer by Jeff Francoeur in the 9th, tie game.
10th inning leadoff single, sac bunt, fielder's choice gets the runner to third. They put Chipper on and then walk Brian McCann to load the bases, then end up not scoring but I'm into it. Now the 11th.... need baseball!

Ted Lilly pitching tomorrow night leading the Cubs in wins vs. the Braves, it's like my dream match up. I'm supposed to go to a play, may skip it.

Update: Francoeur's first career sac bunt. Was this game played just to encourage me to watch more baseball? Maybe. On to the 12th. Sleepy though.

Last update: Chipper Jones wins the game in the 12th. First 5 run come back since Sept. 2007. Braves win.

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