Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend in Ottawa

I'm free! For now, training is done. Til Monday.

So I have the whole weekend in Ottawa. I thought I had seen everything good here but I found a few more things. I had wanted to see the Diefenbunker but it's not accessible by transit and 40 km away. So no.

I did find:
  • a tour of the Royal Canadian Mint. I'm booked for 10 am tomorrow, $3.50. Apparently they just make collectors coins there, they make the real money somewhere out west but it should be worth $3
  • The RCMP Musical Ride
  • Laurier House. Home of the former Prime Minister. $3.90 admission. I think I'll head there when I'm done typing this.
  • Hog's Back Falls. A waterfall 8 km from downtown. You can rent a bicycle for $5 and go along the lake for a nice easy pretty trip.
  • Ottawa Art Gallery.
  • The movie Little Ashes, about the life of Salvador Dali is playing just down the street from my hotel.
  • The IMAX movie "Under the Sea" looks good.

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J.S. said...

Have you done Rideau Hall? When I went, the GG was out of town, so we got an "extended" tour, which was good. If you can get in on the "art tour" it's even better.

Just across Sussex from the PM's place, so about a 20 min. walk from Parliament Hill.