Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In Ottawa, Queeroes book launch

In Ottawa now til Friday. Will take some photos tomorrow, was really tired today.
Move went pretty good. The worst thing that happened is I haven't got access to the parking garage yet so I can't throw out any boxes as the recycling and oversize garbage is down there. Not too bad and I LOVE my new place. Will post some photos soon.

Went to a book launch for Queeroes on Friday night:

And found these cool photos taken 5 days after the Stonewall riots, the watershed gay uprising in America. Cops would come in and arrest random people in gay bars all the time. Gays were not allowed to be served alcohol in 1969 in New York City.

Club owners string lights on the sign of the bar to let customers know it was safe to return.

Tomorrow going to a play as part of the Magnetic North festival, Thursday the National Gallery is free from 5-9. The only thing I have for next week is going to see Little Ashes at the local rep theatre, the story of Salvador Dali. Will have to find something else to do in Ottawa all weekend.

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