Sunday, June 14, 2009


Pride activities are heating up in Toronto and my calendar is so full, many nights there's so many things I can't get to them all.
Here's a roundup:
June 19 - Fritz Helder and the Phantoms play a free show at Woody's at 7 pm for the Pride launch party. RSVP at
June 20 - "Deathwatch" a play by Jean Genet, tickets at TO TIX booth.
June 21 - Sky Gilbert in drag at "Free Jane", free, Buddies at 8 pm
June 22 - Joe Orton's "Loot" at Soulepper. Missing seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Bloor.
June 23 - I have tickets for "Homogenious", a comedy show at Buddies, but I'm going instead to another event at Buddies at the same time, the cast of "Bare" singing Broadway songs, with guys singing the girls parts and vice versa. They do this in NYC every year and I've always wanted to go.
June 24 - Cheap Queers, a variety show at Buddies at 8 and Porn Pride with Pierre Fitch at 10 pm at Goodhandy's.
June 25 - Gay day at the Blue Jays at 7pm. Missing another Cheap Queers show at Buddies.
June 26 - Keith Cole hosts "Cheap Queers" at Buddies, $6 entry, 8:30 pm, last year his show was the best I saw all year.
June 27-28 - concerts and the Pride parade.
June 29-30 - Tampa Bay plays the Blue Jays at the Sky Dome.
July 1 - 12 - Fringe festival. There's 190 shows, there will be one for you.
July 17 - Bare opens. Get your tickets now!
July 19 - Tour the Don Jail with my parents.

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