Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dear Rogers Centre

Dear Rogers Centre
I have been a season pass subscriber for four years.
I wanted to give you some insight into why I subscribe. I live downtown and my friends do not. I love to go after work to games with friends. On the weekends, my friends can't come and it's not so fun to go and sit alone at the games so I usually give those a miss.
One of the benefits of being a subscriber is the promotions, stuff like photo day or giveaways. This year for example I was interested in two, the Aaron Hill bobblehead and the Rogers centre replica. I'm not so into stuff like the Joe Carter statue as I was too young then to like baseball. I keep the giveaways in my office at work as a conversation point, over the years I've collected 8 such items.
Today I went down to the Rogers centre to get the replica. I was alone and have plans in the afternoon so my plan was to go in and get the item and leave. I did, and as I was leaving I was stopped by security. He said "We have you on camera, what is that, the 4th or 5th one of those you've gotten? Get out of here!" Now I rode my bike down and didn't bring a bag so I was carrying the thing in my hand, I have no idea where I would have kept 4 or 5 of them. I asked the man what I did wrong, what rule I had broken, and he berated me for 5 minutes.
Can you please send me the rule I broke so I know not to do it again? Also can you please explain why your guest relations policy actively encourages harrassment? I'm concerned, as I said I've been a season pass holder for 4 years and am now discouraged from subscribing again.
This happened today, June 7, 2009, at gate 11, the man was about 55, heavy set, wearing a black jacket and hat.
Thanks in advance for the info.
- Adam Dunn

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Danny said...

I think you need to distinguish that the Skydome staff are not directly linked to the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

I also think that TorStar Seasons Pass holder are not treated as well as Blue Jays Seasons ticket holders.

The Aaron Hill bobblehead was last year. This past season was Lyle Overbay and Alex Rios.

You were in high school when Joe Carter played for the Jays. Not in diapers....

Even if the Skydome people sent you the rules, it will not prevent you from breaking them.

Next time just kick the guy in the nads and do what he tells you, "Get out of here!"