Saturday, June 6, 2009

New House

So it's far from finished but here's some photos of the new place.
We started out today walking to the local dog park which was cool as you get swarmed by 20 dogs.

This one was my favourite:

And the boys in the neighbourhood were cute too:

I went back afterward with a couple friends to see the dog and everyone gave us strange looks. One guy said loudly to his friend "Like where's your dog? Hah!" I suppose you're not allowed to just go socialize. D'oh.
Awesome poppy field just down the street from me.

I didn't think these grew in Canada. I remember when I was in Paris I wanted to go to this one place to see poppies as I've never seen any and wanted to know what they looked like but I went at the wrong time of year and missed them so this was a cool first.
This photo is now my computer wallpaper:

Ok, so the house. Here it is from the outside:

And inside, my new sofa:

I was walking home and saw this. It's really comfortable and I needed a 2 seater and this is perfect as it doesn't have ends on it so you can lay down on it if you want to and the door can still open. Got it for $40!
I also bought some counter chairs:

A Parliament Furniture special for $160 cash, they're quite nice too.
This is my sleeping area, I need a new bed:

Entrance way:



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