Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday in Ottawa

Woke up late and went over to Parliament. Had to wait an hour for a tour so I hung out in the cat place. Some very cute raccoons were there so I watched them for a while.

Tour was good. Was a bit worried about security but I was pleasantly surprised. I remembered in America where they give you a pat down, go through your bag, metal detectors, scan your bag and swab it for explosives. Here, my bag went through a scan as I walked through the metal detector, was allowed to take in a drink, no problems.
Tour was good, we started out in the legislative section which was kind of dark, hence the stained glass ceiling:

The walls were lined with former Prime Ministers:

I really think we need more women PM's. It seems crazy there was only one.
As it was the weekend we got to see the library which was amazing:

And then the Senate part, I have no idea what the difference is, and there's much more colour in there.

Finally a hand written book with everyone who died in WWI and they turn the page every day at 11 am.

Then dinner and back to soak up the internet before I get back to my crappy home internet. Grrr....

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