Thursday, October 11, 2007

I don't understand Ontario

Well, I officially do not understand this province.
Back to back Liberal majorities. What the fuck? These people said they would not raise taxes and then brought in the largest single tax increase in the history of this country. What else do they have do? Come to your house and break your windows? Wake up.
The Star says the race was won on faith. Now I admit the Liberals must be congratulated on their MASSACRE of the facts on this issue.
John Tory steps up and says "I want to end 150 years of inequality. The fact that Catholics get their religious school for free and no one else does in ridiculous in 2007. Something must be done." And the Liberals turn it into a prejudice and discrimination issue, telling people that their tax dollars will now be going to "some Muslim school" and that will bankrupt the public system, none of this is true, and thereby turning it into a vote on the future of public schools, instead of the issue of fairness which is WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!
So once again I vote for a loser. And thanks to MMP failing, my vote now doesn't matter AT ALL. Brilliant. I have voted about 10 times, 3 times for the person that won. Not a great track record.
I was asked about my next trip, I'm planning 2. One in March, fly into Poland and check out Auschwitz, then take the train to Berlin. Then a road trip in the summer to Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Cincinnati and whatever else is nearby with a baseball stadium.
I got a few packages today, the Anthony Rapp CD (from Rent) which I paid $35 for, the new Wally Lamb book and the second Peter Wildeblood book. I was talking to a book collector last night and he said books made in the 50's last about 25 years because of acid in the ink. Modern books last about 10 before stains appear, which I never knew.
I have to go nap before Steers and Queers tonight.

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Danny T said...

Four years ago, 'we' voted 'change'. This time around, we voted 'no change', so get use to it!

Tory shot himself in the foot.

And now Ontarians get a stat holiday on Feb 18 for all the tax increase we had to put in! Yay!