Friday, October 12, 2007

Steers and Queers 2

I went to the Steers and Queers show tonight and although it's always a mixed bag, it is a lot of fun for a Thursday night. They played such great music, songs you didn't know you loved.
The evening was hosted by Miss Conception as Wynonna Judd.

The evening started with another show from Wally and the Beav or whatever their names were:

John Caffery was there from Kids on TV and at first I was wondering if he was mad at me about the whole naked picture exploitation thing, which he may have been. I took his picture secretly without the flash on:

but he was staring right at me so I'm sure by now my profile is registered with the local police. To make it up to him I sponsored him for the CN Tower climb, you can too here.
The next was this artist Strong Like Bull, who sang four Country/Electronica songs which was different. He looks good, although he looks like Dracula in this picture:

In fact he dances well and fills out a t-shirt but he can't sing.
The last act was Male Gaze. You may remember him from before. He was crazy as ever, this time dancing to hip hop before taking off his clothes and spitting corn.

In an ideal world I would have danced more and actually talked to John Caffery. In fact I was a little depressed. How did I go from picking up guys in bars, to picking up guys online, to picking up a tub of ice cream on the way home?
Overall a good night.

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