Friday, July 6, 2007

Steers and Queers show

That was the weirdest night of my life.

Went to a super fun show at the Dakota Tavern, great place. The night started off with Miss Conception doing a Dolly Parton drag act and telling jokes. She was great at filling spaces in the show, Ricky Gervais could learn a thing or two after his disaster at Wembley on Sunday. She mentioned Minden, the town I grew up in, and said she was from there. When I talked to her she knew nothing about it. Strange. She's using Minden for the fame? Btw, how did my friend not know Dolly Parton was gay?

Anyway, then a dance act called Lady and the Daddy or something, good fun.

This was followed by a burlesque act, some lady singing about washing clothes, taking out her tits. Oh, did I mention the audience for this place? You know how you read you should dress up and then don't because you don't want to be the only idiot there? This was the opposite of that. Everyone was dressed up, I saw more female to male trannies than ever before, well one was more than ever before.

This was followed by Tomboyfriend. The worst set I have ever seen in my life. The main guy comes out and spends five minutes on the mike asking for the bass player to come onstage. She doesn't. The show starts, he plays a dull number while the backup singer and drummer look on in amazement. He starts the next number, stops it a minute in, and takes another five minutes to tune his guitar. Saying things like "Can you give me an A so I can tune it?" to the drummer. The crowd starts to turn. He plays "Ring of Fire" and the crowd gets out their matches. All the while wearing a dirty tank top and sweating like a pig. Lovely.

Finally, we have a male burlesque act!

This Asian guy comes out in a cowboy outfit to the Brokeback Mountain theme. He dances with a cob of corn. The music speeds up, he takes off his clothes, and proceeds to kneel on the ground randomly spitting the corn into the audience. My friend: "Warning, the front rows will be corned." Then he shoves the corn into his underwear and takes a bow.

The most fun I've had at a Thursday show. I have to be at work in less than 6 hours, ugh.

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Your friend said...

Thanks for not "outing" me... I guess I would want people to know that I was... (gulp) at a country bar!