Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pray for the kitty

Well, I've had better days. My cat, Springer, is sick. He's throwing up on the floor, then gets disoriented and lays in it, so I clean it up, then clean him up, then clean the bed, then the floor again. Wheee.... I really hope this takes care of itself, I have had terrible experience with vets. All I've ever had is "We have no idea what's wrong, and please give us $1,000 for tests".
The Doctor Who finale was crap. The only good part was it included the Scissor Sisters song "I Can't Decide". It involved the world turning back time, did we learn nothing from that Superman movie?
It's rainy and grey, hopefully going to Jack's tonight if the cat is ok and it stops raining. I have to wait one more week for all you can eat Korean BBQ! Mmmmmmm...........

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