Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Secret of Life

Well, there used to be some doubt (although not much) that I would die of using too much salt. Now it's official. Check out Bacon Salt. Some will be arriving in 1 to 3 weeks. Bacon and salt are like my 2 favourite things. I anticipate carrying this with me everywhere I go, adding it to gum, water, anything I can. Their email is passthebacon@baconsalt.com and their website includes a link to the Bacon of the Month Club. Have I actually died and gone to heaven?

Speaking of death, I was sick on Monday and couldn't go to work. Then Monday night I started reading the new Harry Potter and since I couldn't sleep anyway, I thought I'd just keep reading. At five thirty I finished. It was very good, and the end was impossible to put down. So one more day off, my first of 2007 actually.

And finally, this U.S. website I visit daily has gone nuts now that Mr. Radcliffe is 18. You weren't allowed to post pics of him before and in their haste, they have posted the first legal pic of Dan. I would have waited another couple days....

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