Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh happy day!

Well two things went right today. First when I got to work I found the Dr Who Dalek Battle Pack set I ordered in like April. Yahoo! They're very cool, easily the best figures I have. The remote is similar to that of K-9 but the figures talk, not the remote control. You can also play a cool mini game with them where they have a sensor in their head and you have to shoot each other 3 times, then you die. I'm pretty useless on the remote and no one would play with me in 1,000,000 years but it's cool nonetheless.

The negative thing is they never shut up, their vocabulary is smaller than K-9's and the black Dalek uses the same frequency as K-9 so you can't use them together. But the remote is smaller and they came with a Cyberleader so I'm still good.

Also as you might be able to tell from the above, I got my camera back! That was super fast and in time for my vacation. I'd suggest buying one, Samsung, 1 year warranty and they said they replaced the whole flash mechanism, all for free. Here's some pics of my cat Diane.

Also who the Hell are the 651 people who have read this blog? I want names.


Anonymous said...

I accidentally typed in ädamdunn"instead of "sunnadam", and this was what I got:

""Why am I distracting myself posting here where not one reads when I should be doing my work! [...] I'm dead, basically...goodbye cruel world"

Sounds like a kindred apirit... you oughtta look him up and make sure he's okay,

dunnadam said...

His last post was in 2005, he's long dead by now.
Also I recently changed my name from "sunnadam".