Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Top 5 men

AfterElton posted their list of the top 100 gay men's men, or whatever you want to call it. Hotties? So I thought I'd post mine, along with a nice picture of each. The funny thing about the AfterElton list is anyone who is or may be in the closet is totally on the list. I'm prefectly fine with Gylen-hoe being #1. Heath was hotter in Brokeback, but Jake was hotter in life.
The other problem with their list is no porn stars, and no Mr. Radcliffe.

#1 - Daniel Radcliffe: He's currently my fav as I went to see him, when I think of him I remember my trip to England, he's doing fun stupid photo shoots, right now he's all that and a bag of crisps.

#2 - Brent Corrigan: If you check out his wikipedia entry, there's an interesting story there. He's been taken advantage of a lot, worked in porn before he was 18 (a la Traci Lords) and never quite got a break. Currently he's working at some shop. He and Lukas Ridgeston both have faces that should be on money, Lukas made like 5 movies, retired and lives well. Brent stocks shelves. But the fact that a used pair of his underwear sells for $1,500 should tell you, he's still top shelf.... for now. Someone get him filming porn 24-7!

#3 - John Caffrey: I love his songs, his music, his body, his energy, he's a super nice guy. If he did porn he would be at number 2.

#4 - John Barrowman: My only choice that was also on the AfterElton list (#10). I really like him, he's gay, he stars in a Doctor Who spin-off. The only problem lately is he's on TV so much he's starting to feel like a used car salesman. And I don't even live in that country.

#5 - Gareth Gates: A bit of a hold over from days gone by, but he's so down to earth, he has a great smile and voice, he had a terrible stutter he got over..... He's got to stay on the list. Oh, and did I mention I could have been at this groping Gareth concert?

Honourable mention: Randy Orton. Look at his body. 'Nuff said.

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