Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No titles today again. I'm still setting up my itunes, I'll be enjoying a few songs and then some horrible Janet Jackson song will come on. Ugh. Whatever happened to her? She was popular once.

Today is my lucky day. I had just decided to write the post office and tell them to take me off their customs hit list (which would almost certainly put me ON their customs hit list) and my Tardis playset and the the Face of Boe showed up today. And Daniel Radcliffe is on the cover of the new Details magazine, out Friday, in a very gay leather vest.

So I'm reviewing the instructions now for the Tardis. No kidding, it took me one hour to get it out of the box, it has about 200 pieces.

Step one: The Tardis is the Doctor's time travel vehicle which..... Let's get on with it.
Step seven: Obtain a Master's degree in engineering.
Step eight: Stop the cat from running away with all the pieces and throwing them in the toilet.
I have to go to my friend Jack's to watch the All Star game. I'll deal with this later, and tomorrow, and next week.

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Danny T said...

Since he is imitating Stone Cold Steve Austin, you think his catchphrase would be "Potter 3:16 says I will take it in the a$$!"??!?!?!