Saturday, July 7, 2007

Title of post

For some reason Firefox won't let me post a title in my post so I have to use IE. Ugh.
When I started this blog, I thought of giving a title that played tribute to my favourite band Kids on Tv plus incorporating the fact that I have no tv and torrent everything. Now I realize the title is stupid and want to change it.

I caved and downloaded Itunes. It's not a bad program, I like it. I never go anywhere so I don't get to listen to music much.
I went to lunch with Chris, then went shopping and picked up "The Bigs" for PSP. 3 hour lunch, whoops.
Tonight I saw Deathsport at the Trash Palace. It was kind of far on my bike, and uphill the whole way back. They showed a few crappy movies and everyone loved them. I show my friends crappy movies and they can't get away fast enough! I need a theatre.
We watched a movie on how to avoid date rape. Apparently the trick is not to panick, just carry your keys and a whistle any time you step outdoors.
The CN Tower has a new set of lights up, they look pretty cool from far away. Up close, not so much.
I have a cemetary in my backyard. I have no idea how to get into it. I see people walking their dogs in it, but I've been around the whole block, the thing is surrounded by a 6' fence. Perhaps there's an inter-planetary teleport?
I kind of want this blog to be like the Dennis Cooper blog. He's this cool author who wrote The Sluts, but without so much judgment and saying everyone sucks. He'll write literary critism for 3 weeks and then post the porn sites he's into. Actually I could do without the literary critism part. Right now I'm into Straight Hell. It's a site where straight guys are picked up off the street and tortured, get things shoved up their ass, etc. Good fun, membership is $40 US a month though, so I haven't joined.... yet.
Oh yeah, I noticed someone else on blogspot had a links section. Can you tell me how to set that up? I'm off to watch Hedwig, best movie ever.

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