Monday, July 16, 2007

Toronto Islands

I went to the Toronto Islands today with my friend Jay, here he is eating a sandwich.

There was a lot of cool scenery and you could see the Leslie Street spit across the way, FILLED with birds.

Took him to the crayfish pond.

We went to the nude beach. I always feel pressure to get nude there. On the way I thought there was no way I would, but then of course I did. There was a cute guy there, although to be honest he doesn't look so hot in the pictures, but I had to get him when he was turned away and he had a nice face. He was kind of looking at me, but I assume its because I was the only one under 100 on a Monday afternoon.

There was a cool Hanlan's Point statue.

Finally we get to the pictures of me.

There seems to be 2 options for people who are not a size 2, which it is becoming apparent I am not.

Option 1 is the tight look, where you wear something tight and everyone can see your terrible figure. I've been doing this one as it's easiest, I hate shopping and this look involves wearing all the same clothes you got in high school, and ignoring the rips and strains. Option 2 is the loose look, where you buy something dark which will create kind of a drape effect and everyone gets to guess how fat you really are. I wanted a choice so I went shopping on the way home. Pictures of Yonge/Dundas square in renovation.

I hate shopping as some cute 17 year old boy comes over and goes "Can I help you find a size?" And the whole time I'm frantically routing through the pile of size 29s thinking "if I have to tell this guy my waist size I am going to burst into flames". So tomorrow I'm going to be wearing the drape look, I'll try and get someone to take my picture.

Dinner with a cute boy at Duff's tomorrow, who apparently reads my blog so I can say no more! I got home at 5, had a nap and now it's 9:30. I will never get to sleep.

Oh yes, someone told me there is an itunes application on facebook that I haven't bothered to try to find. If someone knows it, hook me up, eh?
My top 5 itunes songs today are:
1. Paul McCartney - Scissor Sisters
2. Love's Divine (Passengerz Remix) - Seal
3. Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
4. You Keep Me Hanging On - Blake Lewis
5. The Long Way Around - Dixie Chicks
Why these songs, who knows. I can't even remember how the number one song goes, stupid program.....

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Anonymous said...

Wow... they still make Cathy comix?