Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stupid technology! (shakes stick)

OK so my camera is not working. I was hoping it would stop working 3 weeks before my $4,000 Chicago vacation and my dreams have come true.
Here is me in my drape outfit:
See the problem with this is I felt like I was wearing the drapes all day.

The Inapropriate Daniel Radcliffe Crush Quiz mentioned a picture of Dan at your office cubicle, here's mine:
Had dinner with Dan, here he is on my bike:
The blasted camera won't focus, the movies crash my computer, I need to blow the thing up really. Anyway we went for Chicken Wings at Duffs and I had some allergic reaction which almost killed me. This is great as they are my favourite, dreams come true again!

On the way back we walked through a park and saw these four guys playing polo on bicycles, 2 were in 1800's period costume with top hats and the other 2 were dressed currently. Why? I don't know. My camera went out of focus of course but trust me, Abe Lincoln time.
Then we met the Brazilian football team and asked to take their picture. I'm going to try to post the video one more time, then I am going to rip out all my hair. That shouldn't take long.

Finally when I got home, a new Dr Who in glasses was waiting for me. There's apparently a special edition one where he has 3-D glasses but if I go to the bother of finding it and hyperlinking it I'll buy it. You must check this out, some British kid playing with his action figures. I wonder if he wants to have a play date.

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