Monday, October 15, 2007

Musical Theatre

So even though Lance Bass's book isn't supposed to be out until October 23, amazon is shipping it to me tomorrow. I may actually read this one, instead of throwing it on the pile with the rest of my books.
I just finished watching Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Donnie Osmond. I think there's a reason why this movie didn't get a wide release. This musical has gone into the annuls as of the the successful Weber musicals, all the while keeping quiet that fact that it's written for children, it's VERY dated (more so than Phantom), it's only about 90 minutes long, and has a score of "worldly" numbers. By worldly I mean the characters all smoke cigarettes and sing in French accents. Then they all sing reggae with the black man doing the main part. Then the all sing country and have a "hoe-down". Seriously.
But this does bring up the question, what has Andrew Lloyd Webber been doing for the past 20 years? Ah, I see, he wrote a song based on the video game Tetris. How nice.
I of course bring all this up as I am going to see Cats on Thursday, I have excellent seats. I remember when I was younger, first going to the theatre, I used to pay $20 and sit in the last row and marvel how I was getting the same entertainment as everyone else for much cheaper. Now I'm the exact opposite, wondering why anyone wouldn't pay that little more to sit in front.
Friday I have a party, which brings up another excellent point, why do I have more than my share of enemies? John, Jay, that brainy girl who tells boring stories, Sunali, my father, my arch-rival blogger, that guy I dated a couple months ago, Aleatha, the other John, that crippled guy who I made out with his boyfriend.... wait, I'm seeing a theme here.
My friend David who died recently, in the 9 years I knew him I learned alot. I was very young when we met and he had issues, well as do I, and I learned to forgive more. Being friends with him, I looked at the meaning of friendship, how no one is perfect, and no one will treat you right all the time. People break promises and change and want new things, and I think he taught me most to go with the flow. To accept that which I cannot change and have the courage to change what I can. So what's my point here? Everyone is inflexible but me! Wait, that doesn't seem right. Back to the drawing board....
I had to write more. In glancing over my blog, I noticed another thing that may be causing me problems. In a previous post I may have mentioned how someone was being petulant and petty, which I guess is not what you do when you're trying to make up with someone. Ok, food for thought.

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