Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh happy day!

Check this out! I looked at this companies' website and I can get this photo on a package of 20 Christmas cards for only $24.95, not including shipping. OR I could get it on a BBQ apron for $22, a puzzle for $18 or a mug filled with Hershey's kisses for $26. Oh happy day!
I was looking at World Series tickets, they are crazy. The worst seat in the stadium is $500. The worst seat on the floor is $800. Decent floor seats are $1,750. The best seats are over $5,000. Now I want to go one day but do I want to sacrifice a house down-payment to do so?
I have a link to the left here of Denis Cooper's blog. He's an author I like, I think I've read all his books, they're really out there. His blog is weird because at times it's brilliant and at other times horrible.
One of my favourite porn stars is offering a pair of his used underwear for $30. This is quite a deal if you consider my favourite star, Brent Corrigan, is charging $1,000. They're going to be in a movie together, The Porne Ultimatium. Brilliant!


Danny T said...

Did you suddenly become British all of a sudden?!?! Oh and most online photo albums offer that service, it just you have more option of your personal photos you would want than the standard "touristy superimposed in front of a landmark" image.

Anonymous said...

Um - I think you meant to put the Stereolab in the "Brilliant" column? I'll just assume that was a typo on your part.