Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Return to life

I find it so hard to blog after a vacation. It's like I had the perfect excuse for pictures and livelihood and now, nada. So I haven't written for about a week.
I was going to start this with the last picture I took in New York, on my last day there I took only one picture of Central Park, now I think I deleted it by mistake, whoops. So I'm going to try to upload videos I took, this will probably not work. I do have a poster for Steers and Queers which will be SO much fun and everyone should go to but no one will.

I had a busy day and when I woke up at 9 pm I was desperate for chocolate so I went to Starbucks. There's this new cute Barista there who was flirting with me so now I have to go back 7,000 times until he's mine. Now that I have my chocolate I think I'm getting a flu, I couldn't even finish my pumpkin seed muffin. Why does my feeling sick translate into a need for chocolate? I am doomed.
What's new? Well let's start with what's old. My cat is driving me crazy. She now refuses to sleep unless some part of her is touching me, usually her ass in my face.
What's new? Well from all my walking around in New York I now have a rash on my crotch unparalleled in the annuls of modern man. I have tried diaper cream, something from the doctor marked toxic, nothing works - I now walk like John Wayne. There's a side of the old west you never hear about.
I ordered pictures of my trips to New York and Chicago from a new site, we'll see if they're any good. 13 cents per picture and flat $3 shipping, I had 750 pictures, it was just over $100. At the Blacks down the street it would have been $250. The site I ordered the Chicago pictures from before took my money and did nothing for a month.
I am now obsessed with the Broadway soundtrack for Hairspray, it's all I listen to.
I voted even though I never heard back from my MP about the gay thing. Politics is driving me crazy. I think I need to run, I'm the only person who I can trust. The NDP is now promising a price freeze on transit, which I like and the Conservatives cut funding for harm-reduction strategies like needle clinics, which I'm not in favour of. On the other hand, do I really want a shooting gallery in my neighborhood? It's all so complicated. Actually I'm not going to run, I don't want to have to make these decisions.
Whenever I get back from a vacation, the first thing people ask is where I'm going next. All I know for sure is I want to go to Baltimore next year, I'll wait and see where the off-season baseball trades take me otherwise, and I may do Europe again in the spring, I'm thinking Germany. For right now I have Doctor Who figures to buy and books from Amazon. Oh and the hydro bill.
Coming up this week I'm going to my parents for Thanksgiving. Next week I have the Arthouse Cabaret, two days of training (ugh!), Steers and Queers and Cats. Oh and the Sound of Music is coming to the theatre in Toronto. How many times will I go? 1,000?

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