Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shea Stadium

Today was my last full day. I was awoken by the drunk guy from last night getting up and trying to find his pants. He went to sleep after 4 and got up at 10, when does he sleep? When do I?
Anyway, it turns out I've been ostracized for my political beliefs, a friend of mine won't read my blog because it's full of Conservative crap. Now I know what Nelson Mandella felt like. I must just say that for so long I viewed the Conservatives as evil. In my book I'm reading now, a woman spit on Peter Wildeblood as he was going to trial for homosexuality and I equated that with Conservatism. But as I grow older I realize there is less of a line between wrong and right. That there are good people on both sides of the fence, and that when a Conservative leader says he wants to help poor people, it's possible he just might actually mean it.
So this morning I went to the Central Park Zoo. It was ok, kind of small.

Afterwards I made the long trek to the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn, right beside Coney Island.

It was good too, the second best aquarium I've seen. I got there just in time for the sea lion show:

and I learned that you shouldn't eat squid because they're endangered and no shrimp because they feed other animals. She said something like 15 animals die if you eat shrimp. Don't touch this crab:

From there off to Queens to Shea Stadium to see the Mets. I got there about an hour early so I thought I would wander around and find somewhere for dinner. There was nowhere. There was a lot of mechanics, not like 3, I'd say about 200 beside each other with no other stores in between, it was like the Twilight Zone. I had to walk for 20 minutes to find a can of Coke, and then I had to pay $2 for it. If I had money I would open a store there. I can't get over how strange it was, no vendors outside the stadium, they had a picnic area but no food. WHY? Everyone was tailgating in the parking lot and cooking burgers, but NOTHING for sale. Strange.
Anyway, they're building a new stadium for the Mets, you can see it in the back of Shea Stadium:

I'm beginning to rethink this whole 30 parks thing, do I really want to go to Texas? Kansas City? And what happens when they move stadiums, do I have to go to ANOTHER Mets game?
I only knew like 3 people on either team, it was Mets vs. Washington and I left in the 7th with Washington winning big. The Mets for some reason got Jorge Sosa from the Braves. I've hated him ever since he came from Tampa for Nick Green, I call him the black Nick Green. So he sucked in Atlanta and they sent him to New York and then they brought him out tonight so I knew the game was over. He sucked of course and blew the whole game. I hope if you saw any of it on T.V. you heard me booing, I was the one booing the loudest.
The stadium was cool, nicer than Yankee stadium. Wrigley Field felt old, Yankee stadium really didn't, they took out all the old stuff and didn't add much new stuff, it kind of sucked. And the biggest bonus, I got a REALLY good picture of me in Shea, I've very happy with it:

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I thought you were voting for Natural Law this year???