Friday, September 7, 2007

Jake Gyllenhaal

Stupid blogger account. For some reason, every time I sign in now I have to reset then change my password. It's annoying.
OK so before I get to my reason d'etre blog-wise today, I bought another 2 baseball statues off ebay today. My goal is to have an army of baseball statue men who will help me one day take over the world. I keep them all on my desk at work, I now have very little room for actual work. Today I bought Rocco Baldelli and Jorge Cantu. Next week it's John Smoltz.
So I went to the Toronto International Film fest thing today with thatstheheavy. It was very hard to get a picture. Firstly because we picked the TOTAL wrong vantage point, I wasn't even able to leap over the parapet into Jake Gyllenhaal's arms! And the other reason was the 700 security people were in the way. Note to self: Next time, get as close to the celebs car as possible.
I got a couple decent shots of Jake, here's him and his back:

The woman to the right of him is reacting to Jake talking about his 12 inch penis.
Then I got a shot of Reese Witherspoon's back (it was a good day for backs):

The woman is SO short! Then I got some bad shots of Jake and his sister's husband Peter Sarsgaard on the red carpet:

Not bad, I only had to wait an hour and I was able to pick up some more baseball card holders. Now I relax with my jumbo froster:

and The Riches.
Another tooth broke, this one a molar. It broke before and the dentist put a pin in to hold it together. Now I have half a tooth and a pin sticking out of my gum. I suggested wooden teeth to my dentist, she said no.
Oh, and I removed my air conditioner 2 days ago, that's why we're having a heat wave.
Updated: Thatstheheavy got 2 decent photos of the dynamic duo:

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