Saturday, September 8, 2007

Beach Bum

So even though it's a Saturday I bothered to get out of bed. I met my friend Jay at his house. He's moving to Ottawa at the end of the month. All my gays friends die, so one moving away is I guess better? I'm down to one, and none that live in the 416 area code. I need to do something.
So we went to the Beaches. First we stopped off at Wendy's for a chili I dropped all over the floor and then the boardwalk. I bought some clothes at my favourite store, Ends. It turns out they have a location on Avenue Road, who knew? Then off to my favourite bakery/deli, Bonjour Brioche.
I of course forgot my camera.
Then off to Buddies In Bad Times theatre to pick up my season subscription. Their flyer had 10 shows, 3 with nudity and sexual themes. Guess which 3 I picked? The first show is Sept 27, the day after I get back from New York, then nothing until April 2008.
I need some pictures. I started a new album on Facebook, my in every major-league ballpark in America. Here's 2 pictures from that album:

Me in Tampa Bay.

Me in Detroit.
I need to find another picture of me in Toronto, as the only one I have has my mom in it and she requested I tell people I'm an orphan for blogging purposes. The Chicago ones are already on here, and I'll scan Atlanta on Monday.

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