Monday, September 24, 2007

Broadway bound

I did so much today and once again I'm very tired to this will be shorter than yesterday.
I started off this morning, dressed and out the door by 10 am which I thought was great. DO NOT BUY A BUS TOUR PACKAGE IN NEW YORK CITY! You may have heard of traffic troubles in Manhattan? Well the bus is not very fast. Plus I bought from the wrong company, the other one comes twice as often. D'oh. I am debating whether to buy a subway pass and give up on the stupid bus tour, what a waste of money. Luckily the City Pass is very cool and I am making good use of that, getting into everything for free, so the $139 is not totally down the drain.
I just checked, I was supposed to go to the Yankees game tomorrow night and they changed it to a day game, I only paid $5 for the seat, I'm not sure if I want to go. I'd have to give up a whole day of sightseeing as the game is from 1 - 4 and the tourist stuff closes at like 6. Hmmm... Can't think now, too tired.
So I started off at the Guggenheim, it was crap, VERY small, I went through the whole thing in 10 minutes. Then off to the Met, there was this cool statue:

I want him in my living room, aren't his buttocks sublime?
Then there was this cool photograph, Kansas, 1967:

I loved it. Then I finally did find Central Park:

Then I went to the Empire State Building:

It was cool.
Then the Museum of Sex. It was a bit disappointing, but okay. The best part was watching this group of women giggling over the sex toys. They also had a "real doll" there, and they let you feel her. I know it's just a doll but it felt weird fingering a woman. Then they had a cool, but small, collection of gay porn.

I think I should start collecting vintage gay erotica.
Then off to see Rent, here's me at intermission:

Then afterwards I bought Anthony Rapp's book and got him to sign it:

The other guy was there too, the one who got the Tony nomination but he's straight and has the "straight privilege" going on, and I was just in the mood to see my fellow mo'. He stopped when I handed him the book to sign and looked at me for the longest time. At the time I thought he was going to take me away with him to get married, but in retrospect I think he was waiting for me to say my name so he could sign it. Oh well.

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