Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Celebrity Sightings Day with Crazy Cat

My cat is bananas. NUTS! She saw a spider 30 minutes ago and has been crying, looking around for it ever since. I am going to pull out all her hair.
Also I cannot log into facebook, at all. I'll try again from work. Sheesh, life is tough.
Well, despite feeling like crap today, I managed to do everything I wanted. I went to the Film Fest and waited for my friend Chris, who showed up for 5 minutes, took off for an hour to buy the Moulin Rouge DVD, then came back for 5 minutes and had Ewan McGregor sign it, then took off again. Impatience!

Then Colin Farrell showed up, looking a little less like a lesbian truck driver, but not great.

Then another short break before Woody Allen showed up with Soon Yi.

What was funny about this is that everyone seemed to think this 72 year old man was going to walk by and sign autographs. He could barely walk. This one guy held out his signature book for 20 minutes, no Woody visible, that didn't seem to stop him.
Then I went off with thatstheheavy for dinner, Swiss Chalet for the second time today. They put in a location near my house, I'm done for. I was quite full and made my way over to the Paramount to see Paranoid Park, the new film from Gus Van Sant. It was terrible. Here's the star, Gabe Nevins:

Afterwards there was a Q and A with the director:

but no one asked him the real questions. Why does this movie suck so much? How do you get away with falling in love with a 16 year old boy and making a movie about it? Can I sign up for that too? What does a 55 year old gay man have in common with a bunch of skateboarders?
It was funny because on the walk to the subway I was talking with my friend and some more jailbait walked by holding a copy of Gus Van Sant's Elephant. They must have been at the same show. So we laughed, talking about where Gus signed his room number, etc.
It's not the best shot but you can see him here on the right, sitting beside the lady with the pins who goes to every baseball game. Small world!


Nita said...

the movie rocked but the book is better you get it more

Nita said...

the movie rocked but the book is better you get it more

Anonymous said...

That Gabe Nevins is a total hottie. XD