Thursday, September 13, 2007

Trials and Tribulations

As promised before, more pictures of me fulfilling my quest.

Me in Atlanta at Turner Field, 2005.

Me at Skydome, I'm guessing 2005.
It was an okay day. I watched the movie Fracture last night, mainly to see Ryan Gosling. The movie was ok but sometimes you want the villain to win. Ryan's new movie Lars and the Real Girl looks AMAZING! Click the link, watch the trailer.
I went to the doctor this morning, he said I have high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. I have to cut some things out of my diet, like products with sugar. Yipee. So I went all day without sugar, I went to a salad restaurant for lunch, then about 3 pm a Reese cup jumped into my mouth. I did try to stop it.
My friend said something about how I have to be the Master baiter in the tackle shop of life. (Edit: He actually said "The upside is that instead of some shadowy malady that you have no control over, all of these things can be affected by your own actions. Yay! You're the author of your own fate!" which is the same thing.)
I saw on the show Flipping Out where the guy hired a pet psychic. I think I need one for my cat. Maybe an exorcist. I was parking my bike outside tonight, 3 floors down and my cat heard me blow my nose and started crying out the window into the courtyard. I'll be evicted in about 2 days I'm guessing.

A provincial election is coming up, and who do I want to vote for? Let's start with the Liberals. After promising NO TAX HIKES during the election, I paid $900 in new health care tax last year alone. That's about 2% of my salary, the largest single tax increase in Ontario history. So not them. I think longer waiting times for surgery is a better option.
The Conservatives, I'm just not a conservative person. It's not the Toronto thing to vote for, it's not the gay thing to vote for.
Then there's the NDP who I've voted for every single election since I turned 18. They sent me 5,000 emails for money, even after I called and emailed them to stop. The seem to always be talking about those left behind. About the travesty of 30 kids in a classroom, learning in a portable. I was in a portable with 29 other kids. I'm still here. They talk about $5 a day daycare. That would be great for about 1% of the population. I think flat tax or flat payments are not fair. Plus there's no doubt in my mind the NDP would have done the same raise tax thing the Liberals did.
I'm either voting for the Green Party or not voting, I haven't made up my mind.

I'm either going to clean tomorrow or go see the December Boys. Saturday my mom is here and the Bi Bash, Sunday AIDS walk, Monday baseball, Tuesday election training, Wednesday baseball, Thursday I go to New York.

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