Friday, September 14, 2007

Poster thing

John Barrowman is doing a Christmas pantomime thing and there's a contest, if you buy a poster and then take a picture of it in some unusual or funny location you can win a signed copy of the poster. So I need advice, where can I stick it?
Hotmail changed today, making their new "Windows Live" service mandatory. It no longer works with Outlook Express which I have been using for 8 years so that's very convenient. Plus it's all red and scary.
December Boys, the new Daniel Radcliffe movie is not playing in this city for some reason so I wasn't able to go see that. I did manage to clean up my apartment. It's like THE advantage of living in a small place, I can clean the whole thing in a couple hours, I love it.
Mixed results on the sugar intake today. I had chili for lunch and then last night I dream of La Rocca carrot cake and at 3 pm it flew into my mouth, I tried to stop it. Tomorrow my mom is here, NO PICTURES PLEASE she requested, so this should be fun, blog-wise.

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