Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Boat cruise/the city at night

I am sleepy already so this won't be long.
Parking in NYC is very expensive:

They were filing some movie or TV show in front of the Met and there was a "murder" on the steps. This one guy from the tour bus goes "Is it real?"

I started out today going to the Museum of Modern Art. It was cool, I spent a few hours there, the best gallery I've seen so far in NYC.

Then I walked about 2 miles over to the UN Building to go on the tour. It turns out "Hitler" is in town (the president of Iran) and the UN was closed for MANY blocks and I couldn't get in.

So then I walked all the way back across town to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. It was actually pretty good, on most people they do a good job. A few sucked, like Madonna and Lance Bass:

But I did get my picture taken with Michael:

Then it was off to a boat cruise for 3 hours. Yes, a 3 hour tour. It was very good, I highly recommend it. The Statue of Liberty is small, like 300 feet high, and I heard the wait can be like 4 hours to get to the island and then you have to stand at the foot of the statue. How can you get a good picture like that?

So this tour was the best option. It went all the way around Manhattan, including the Brooklyn Bridge:

and others.
When I was done I went over for the night view from the Empire State building and something called the Sky Ride which sucked. It was like a IMAX show of NYC narrated by Kevin Bacon and VERY corny with stupid jokes.


Danny T said...

The FatOne should be bigger.....Are you dry-humpin' the child-molester?

Anonymous said...

hey adam I accidententally mistyped your blog address and thought you'd been hacked. Visit dunnadam.blogpot.com to see what you get. Funny.


Danny T said...

Hey Dunn,

Did you know that there are no homosexual people in Iran?? None, nada! Heard it from the mouth of Ahmad...dingaling...delhomme....dingdangdong....(sp)....anyways, that politician! And you know that you can accept a politician's word at face value!