Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm turning Japenese

I think I'm turning Conservative, I really think so.
Well, the Liberals never wrote me back so I checked out the Conservative candidate for my riding. Her website is very sparse, with like no issues. I think maybe with politics you have to pick and choose, and perhaps everyone will piss you off a little until they have the Adam Dunn party.
The Conservatives are promising to remove the health care premium and right now that's my number one issue. They want environmental change. The negative is they want violent crime tackled head on and I think it's too easy to promise more police.
I have written her and asked her about gay rights, I refuse to believe the opinion that the Conservatives are hiding their true selves until they get a majority, twirling their mustaches in anticipation. I don't think Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces would allow a family values campaign to sweep the country.
She supports lower taxes, environmental change and fiscal responsibility, and that sounds good to me.
I went to the baseball game tonight, and for the last game of the season it was a hum dinger. The Jays came back in the 8th inning to win the game, yahoo!
Tomorrow I will be packing and exercising.
Here's a picture I took of A.J. Burnett to honour his pitching performance tonight:


mackenziebarrett said...

you're just trying to kill jow with this post.

please don't go conservative. go green if you have to.

Jack Payne said...

Conservative? You suck....