Monday, September 3, 2007

Labour Day

Nothing is open today. I had this idea for making my world-famous meatloaf, posting a recipe and pictures, but I settled for McDonald's. Maybe tomorrow.
I have a lot of stuff to cover. The most pressing being that my front tooth fell out again and I now resemble a jack-o-lantern. I'll have to see if I can move up my dentist appointment from the end of the month.
I've been mostly sleeping this weekend and watching High School Musical 2 five thousand times. It's so annoying in it's simplicity yet full of hotties and my favourite songs. My friend Joe sent me a link to an article on the phenomenon, the Broadway show is in town this week. Positives: they cast a hottie for the lead. Negatives: cheapest ticket is $40. You can see the Ice Show for $20. Plus the article says loads of young girls constantly scream which would overshadow my screaming make me kill myself.
So because the world heard I was taking it easy, I've had more visitors this weekend than in my whole lifetime. The laundry room is now locked due to vandalism so the landlord dropped off a key, my neighbour dropped off the 3rd copy of my friend David's will for some reason and I was added to the voter's list. I called them a month ago to work the election, I could have been out yesterday, where's my phone call? I blame the NDP.
There's a Bi-Bash coming up at Now Lounge, 189 Church St, on Sept 15, I imagine it to be like the Steers and Queers show. Positives: Possible nudity, good times with friends. Negatives: It looks like the only nudity is female, my mom is coming (she's in town for the AIDS walk, I've raised $270!). This will be a good test. You know how you picture yourself being able to hang out with your mom and have fun? Does it go ok or does it last five minutes? It's either that or we go see High School Musical: The Play.

John Barrowman is on the cover of Out magazine, out next week. While looking for this I found out has an amazing blog listing what's queer this week. I have to check this out, often.

I've been waiting for Coming Down the Mountain, the first screenplay from Mark Haddon, the guy who wrote The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, one of the best books I've ever read. It was on BBC1 this past Sunday, I'll be watching it tonight.
I got tickets to the film I wanted to at the Toronto International Film Fest. I'll be going to see the new Gus Van Saint film Paranoid Park Tues Sept 11 at 9:15 pm.
I've also been playing The Sims 2 for PSP this weekend. Positives: it lets you be gay, right off the bat, which is rare for a console game. Negatives: the thing's impossible, I've already died twice. I'm gonna have to re-start from the beginning. I'm trying to get the sequel, Sims 2: Pets off ebay, no luck so far. I also still have not found my baseball Billy doll. I've found Cowboy Billy, Santa Billy, no baseball. I think the price will be over $100 if I ever find it.
I bought a bunch more crap off Amazon, including Comin' At Ya! : The Homoerotic 3-D Photographs (with 3-D glasses!) and the new Simpsons video game.Check out the top 100 action figures of the last 10 years.
Finally, why do I have to wait so long for the premiere of Dirty Sexy Money? Don't google Dirty Sexy Money, you get some weird stuff. Case in point:

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