Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Return of the King

Work is crazy crazy busy, I'm there until like 7 pm every night. Aren't people who work 11 hour days supposed to get paid more?

Just to disprove the point, I booked my trip to New York today. I'm driving down but flying back for the great price of $132.26. I'm using the itinerary I posted previously here, except the hostel I was going to stay in recently burned to the ground so I had to pick a new one. It's not as central but it's across the street from Central Park and only $150 for 5 nights. I bought all my tickets (except the bus tour) so I'm now poor, the Saturday Yankees game I paid $65 and I'm not on the floor (yikes!), Monday Yankees game I'm in $5 bleacher seats, Tuesday Mets game I'm in the 2nd level for $25. Hairspray on Saturday night I paid a whopping $120 US! Let's hope Lance Bass and Jerry Mathers are worth it. I found a deal on Rent tickets, 6th row for $75.

I had the Angela Strassheim picture blown up, it looks so fantastic I had to put it in the living room:

I should do more of these, it cost about $12.
That's all, I'm so tired I'm reduced to watching The Cosby Show. I just downloaded the first 17 minutes of Prison Break - Season 3 so I gotta go watch that. Have you seen Wentworth Miller and his new boyfriend? So cute!
Oh yes, and I also found a place to print my 525 Chicago pictures, only 6 cents each! Now I can terrorize my friends for hours.

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