Friday, August 10, 2007

The Worst Idea I've Ever Heard, Pt. 1, 2 & 3

This is the worst idea I've ever heard. This is a scarlett letter, asking people to stone others to death. How would this help safety? I think if you find someone guilty and sentance them, when you release them you have to give them an environment where they have a chance to have a normal life. If there is no hope of rehabilititation, don't release them. I think the people who create these kind of laws are bowing to public pressure, these people are not the "booger man". They are our sisters and fathers and they have feelings.

This is the worst idea I've ever heard. And I quote "A social networking game/experiment set in a virtual sub-society in which humans act like pets." What kind of idiot thinks this is a good idea? Nazis?

This is the worst idea I've ever heard. Now I'm getting 100's of emails from people on who is ugliest. Who the Hell am I to call someone ugly? I would never do that. I'll say people have big tits that I want to play with and bounce up and down for hours... but that's a different story. Do my friends have rocks in their heads?

I am looking to post a picture of a naked woman, I'm looking for an interesting one. Email me with ideas. In the meantime, show us your tits Daniel!

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