Thursday, August 2, 2007

Things are looking up

I am going to Chicago for 9 days two weeks from tomorrow. It seems like it will never come.
I got a clue today and thought to check out what shows and concerts are playing. The only concert I could find was Beyonce and I'd rather gauge my eyes out. Rufus Wainwright (half price, only $22.50) is playing but I must admit I'm not that up on him.

So I bought tickets for The Color Purple ($27 ticket, $47 price, Pearl Jam was right!), A Bitter Taste (picture below)

and Barenaked Lads (picture below)

Wicked is also playing but I didn't bother to see it in Toronto, actually it may still be playing here. I found this cool site giving half price seats so the 2 gay plays I got for like $15, which is awesome as I want to be entertained on a budget. Wicked has this thing where you can show up on show days and they draw for front row seats for $25 2 hours before show time. I figured I'd try that.
Chicago also has a hop-on, hop-off tour deal but there's only 13 stops (the one in London has 46 stops) and the tour is a 2 hour circle. I'm pretty sure I can walk that and save the $22. The good part is they have a 3 day pass for $36 which includes a free t-shirt and a Hershey's chocolate bar. I'm sure a day pass on the L train is like $5, but is the guided tour as good? You only save 10% online so I'll just check it out when I get there.
Any more ideas on things I can do in Chi-town?

I have a package at the post office, wonder if it's my bacon salt?

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