Monday, August 6, 2007

People who need people

So my mom is trying to set me up. She wants me to go to the gay church to meet a man. She said something like "when I get lonely..." And see that's the thing, I don't get lonely. And the main reason is because people suck.

I'm going to fill this with pictures of my top 3 porn stars, that way no one will read it and I won't offend anyone. From top to bottom (pun intended) Brent Corrigan, Barrett Long and Chad Hunt. Why do straight men get so offended by a cock? If I gagged every time I saw a pair of tits I wouldn't have any bile left.

So anyway, this week my brother cancels on the trip to Chicago I planned TOTALLY around him. Fine. So my friends pick up on the fact that I am manically sad and invite me to 4 different things this week to make me feel better. Then they all cancel but one. Now if I had a friend who was feeling lonely and dejected I think I wouldn't cancel on them 3 times in one week, but hey, that's just me, I'm a giver.

So I wanted to go to Ends in the Beaches today and I think I still will. I just called and they're open until 9:30 tonight which is bad as it gives me little motivation to get off my butt in the near future. I've spent the day watching Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, which seems to be the story of my life lately. Next weekend is Taste of the Danforth, so I talked to two people like "You want to make plans to go?" and they were like "Oh, I always go!" Translation: What day are you there so I know to rotate my shoe trees that night? Sigh. Is there a list below the D-List?

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Anonymous said...

The pix remind me of this spam email I just had: the sender was "Chadd Hunke". A reliable source of stock market info, I bet.