Friday, August 10, 2007


I finally got into the cemetery behind my house. There wasn't a inter-planetary teleportal at all, just a 3 foot fence. It seems the Catholic Church closed the cemetery so people couldn't walk their dogs in it. Not like the Catholic Church to do something controversial.....

To get in you have to hop a fence behind an office building and step off a headstone.

The first grave I saw was this one, in remarkably good condition as it's 150 years old.

They had a plaque at the entrance.

Then there was this cool building, the winter vault, where they store the bodies until spring.

There was only two windows and they hadn't been cleaned since the 1800's so you couldn't see inside. It also had a plaque.

Finally they had a lot of plaques for nuns that died between 1890 and 1905, I suppose a flu epidemic. They were kind of simple, I guess this chick was the head nun.

I put my earings in, I haven't had them in for at least a year so it kind of hurt. One is a hoop so I'll have to get someone to fasten it tomorrow. I have 2 diamond earings, can't find them. I probably put them somewhere special so I wouldn't lose them.

I love watching old black and white movies on my computer. I'm currently downloading a bunch: The Third Man, 12 Angry Men, Mrs. Miniver, The Best Years of Our Lives, Judgment at Nuremberg, The Grapes of Wrath, A Streetcar Named Desire and Rebel Without a Cause. Tonight I'm watching Rope, a Hitchcock classic about two men, gayer than a Christmas tree in July, who kill someone for the thrill. The version I have is not black and white but it's from 1948. And I must say both Rebel and Grapes were crap movies, but worth it for other reasons. I can't believe they cut the original ending from Grapes, screw 1940. When I read the book I cried for about 3 hours at the end.

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