Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Why did no one tell me April in Chicago is monsoon season? It has rained every day I've been here. The temperate is like 93 before the humidity, then it drops by 40 degrees in 5 minutes.

I have a ton of pictures to label and I'm already sleepy so I gotta hurry. Maybe there's too many baseball pictures? Tough, it's my blog.

Oh I will discuss quickly my time with the scalpers. I had my 2 bad tickets for today's game in my hand and $100 set aside in my pocket. I was all ready to say to the guy, "I only have $100". He took my 2 tickets, gave me one 6 rows back from the Cubs bullpen and charged me $20. I was happy. Then at the Sox some guy said he was giving me a better ticket, but it seemed to be the worst on the ground floor you could get. He didn't charge me at least. But the place wasn't that full and I was able to move over a bit, to somewhere near the third base line on the ground, where the guy probably should have given me, so it all worked out.

The Chicago Water Tower that inspired the White Castle restaurants.

The Chicago Public Library on a very gray day.

My Ted! I got so see him! He lost of course as he knew I was coming. He has like 14-5 with a 3.5 ERA, now who's not worth $10 million?

and again...

and again at bat! How cute!

Skies starting to threaten.

Bad skies over the foul line. Notice the HEY HEY, a tribute to Harry Caray.

Everyone got out their umbrellas.

US Cellular Park, home of the White Sox.

A view of the field from my original seat. Ugh. Like dots in the distance.

Fireworks after a home run.

Zack Greinke with the Royals. I thought he was a starter?

A.J. Pierzynski, the only player I like on the White Sox. He's always going on sports shows and calling into radio stations. He's very funny and seems smart and nice. I bet he's going to make a great colour man one day, hope it's not for the stupid White Sox.

Bobby Jenks. At first I couldn't remember where I'd heard of him. Was it in Joe's baseball pool? Then I remembered, he's tied right now for the longest streak of consecutively retired batters, the MLB record of 41. So that's why the crowd was going nuts. I guess he had heard I was coming too because the first batter he faced, the streak was over.

He's me in US Cellular Park. I think I'll create like a facebook album with picture of me in every major league park and fill it over time.
Last story. There were a LOT of Cardinals fans at the Cubs games. I asked one of them why and they mentioned some rivalry. Also he said St. Louis is right over the river. I checked it out, St Louis is playing the Braves on Saturday. Is this fate? I could rent a car and go see them! Then I find out it's a 4.5 hour drive. What's wrong with these people?

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