Saturday, August 25, 2007

I can see clearly now, the rain has gone

Well today was a bit better. I woke up late and went to the optometrist. She said she couldn't give me contacts, even WITH my prescription (which my doctor in Toronto emailed me) because they had to measure my eyes or some stupid thing. So I had to pay $69 for a full exam. I hope my insurance covers this. I'm doubtful.
Then I went to the Art Gallery. It was very cool, I fell in love with a new artist, Jeff Wall, another Canadian I have to leave the country to hear about.
I'll start a few of the pictures I took today, I didn't take many, the first is American Gothic and the second is some other famous painting.

Then there's a decent shot of the Chicago Public Library which is across the street from the hostel. It's the largest library in the world.

After that I went to the play Naked Lads Singing or whatever it's called. It was GREAT, lots of skits and comedy and drag and nudity. I loved it. Everyone sat a few rows back so I hoped in the front row. Why go to see a play with naked men and pretend to be shy? After the play I wished I was thinner, I wished I was doing the play, I wished for sex, I wished I had a partner there with me watching the show. I wished for a lot of things. I think I'm homesick.

I'll close with a few web shots of some of the pictures I saw today at the gallery (no photos allowed). There first two are Angela Strassheim. I almost wet myself when I saw how good the resolution on the first shot is, I'm totally having it blown up.

These last ones are by Jeff Wall, my new favourite photographer. The first is called Double Self-Portrait, next flooded grave, stereo, windy day. Keep in mind these were 8 feet by 10 feet when I saw them so they may lose something here but you can click them to enlarge them a little.

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