Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ebay listing / Lack of bacon salt

I don't like to post one of these without pictures so I've included some random personal shots from my computer.

Well it wasn't my bacon salt at the post office. Will it never arrive? Now I know what Nelson Mandella felt like on his hunger strike. It was my Brian McCann statue.

When my friend David died he left me all this leather/fetish gear which I am totally not into. I asked around and only managed to give the handcuffs away. I know he would love it if I could get it to someone who would actually use it so I listed it on eBay. I went on Craig's list but it seems too confusing. There's like 400 listings a day, how will anyone ever find my cock harness?

So I watched The Second Coming last night with Christopher Eccleston (Heroes, Dr. Who). It was about this guy who comes to earth as the new son of God. It was pretty good, in a low budget, Manchester production value kind of way. Then this morning I had a So NoTORIous marathon. Now I'm thinking of Nip/Tuck, or High School Musical. It's like 45 degrees today, I am not going outside.

The only thing I had to do today is meet this girl off eBay to deliver the Tardis she bought, which I did, then I got a non-fat non-dairy grande iced mocha latte from Starbucks. You know those queens who take five minutes to say their drink name at Starbucks? Yeah, that's me.

I wanted to post my itinerary for my Chicago trip so if a plane blows up or the Sears Tower falls over you'll know if I'm dead or not. Also so you can see how I obsessively plan every minute.

Fri Aug 17 - Fly there, Air Canada flight #AC 507, leaves 2 pm. Check in (Hostelling International Chicago), wander around, Saloon Steakhouse.
Sat 18 - check out gay village, Cubs game vs. STL 2:55 pm (nationally televised on FOX), Hancock Observatory
Sun 19 - Museum of Science & Industry, Millennium Park, Play - A Bitter Taste, 8pm
Mon 20 - Bongo Room restaurant, Cubs game vs. STL 1:20 pm, White Sox game vs. Kansas City, 7:11 pm
Tues 21 - Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Alder Planetarium, Wicked, 7:30 pm
Wed 22 - Architecture Cruise, Shopping on Magnificent Mile, The Color Purple, 7:30 pm
Thurs 23 - Lincoln Park Zoo, Art Institute of Chicago (free night!)
Fri 24 - Botanical Gardens, Play - Barenaked Lads, 8pm
Sat 25 - Walmart, Old Navy, Abercrombie & Fitch, Pizza! Fireworks show at Navy Pier
Sun 26 - Fly home, Air Canada flight # AC 508, leaves 3:30.

The hostel has free wi-fi so I should be blogging every night with pictures.

Tomorrow the Troy Glaus statue will be mine! Here's a picture of Troy from my personal collection. (It's at work, I'll upload it on Tuesday)

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liz said...

Hey Adam,

Since you're going to Chicago I have a cost cutting suggestion. Skip the Sears Tower and go up the John Hancock Building instead. You can take a free elevator to the Signature Room (bar/lounge near the top and buy a non-alcoholic cocktail for half the cost of the Sears Tower admission. Going at sunset means an awesome view too.