Thursday, August 23, 2007

The monsoon returns

Today was good. Went to the Shedd Aquarium which was cool except FULL of people. Also they only had one place you could smoke and it was closed because Vanna White was there filming Wheel of Fortune. I could have taken a picture of her but it would have been behind 12 other people, and really, why bother? You'll be able to tell the episode, it's the one where everyone is screaming "WHEEL! OF! <SCREW YOU VANNA!> FORTUNE!" I can't actually mess with her too much because she was nice to Ryan White.
Then I went over to the Field Museum, lots of stuff for kids, lots of kids. A few cool Egypt things and an AWESOME exhibit on the start of the planet and the beginning of life on earth with over 100 fossils from different stages.
Then the Planetarium. I was kind of tired out from museums at this point so I went to an IMAX film and fell asleep.
Then is was off to see the Color Purple. It was pretty good, not amazing. The theatre was about 60% full, not a good sign. The last play I went to had like 7 people, what's up with this city?

A cute HUGE bullfrog.

Big school of fish.

An angry looking turtle.

An angry looking iguana.

"Sue", the world's biggest complete T-Rex.

A mummified cat.

I know my mom likes moose with antlers.

A very American shot of Chicago.

I thought this was bananas. The sun is represented by the ball. It will blow up to a huge red thing millions of times it's current size and then fit on the end of a pin. They had a lot of cool stuff about the universe at the Planetarium. Eventually all the stars in the universe will burn out and it will be very dark, never knew that.

And finally, the monsoon again. But there was good weather all day so I can't really complain. I'm trying to upload a video I took of the torrential rain, we'll see if I can get it to work. Until tomorrow!

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