Saturday, August 25, 2007

Last day

Well, it's my last day in Chicago so I wanted to try to get to a few places I didn't get to before. I started off the day waking up late, I left here around 11:30 and went to the Botanical Gardens. The directions the El website gave me were really bad as it involved waiting 30 minutes for a bus twice. It took about 3 hours to get there. Then coming home it was an hour wait for the bus but I was able to catch a train after that.
The gardens were beautiful. They had a train set with landmarks from across America, here's a couple shots of that:

Then it was walking all over. I spent and an hour and a half there, they have the gardens divided into sections (Japanese, English, etc.) Here's a few shots of the grounds:

Then by the time I got back it was 6:30. On the way home I stopped at Oz park, the guy who wrote the Wizard of Oz books was from Chicago. Check out the damage from the tornado:

They guide book said there were "many" statues, well there was 4, here they all are. The cowardly lion was back lit by the setting sun so he's not as sharp as the rest, plus Dorothy is black.

Finally I was trying to decide what to do tonight. I thought about going to see Hairspray but I've seen it twice, I thought about going to see the stage version of High School Musical but they made Zac Efron black and the blonde gay guy Asian. What next, Britney Spears as Rosa Parks? So I went out for a nice steak dinner and came home. Time to pack, and maybe watch some TV. It will be nice to sleep in my own bed tomorrow and I really miss my cat. As I trek across America in my search for all 30 ballparks, this trip was one to remember.
I close with a shot of the El train and the moon, artsy style.

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