Friday, August 17, 2007

Am I there yet?

Well, I'm supposed to be landing in Chicago right now. I am not. I may be in the international papers tomorrow. I wish I could smoke here.

I arrived on the bus at the airport, grabbed by bags and went right in. The worst part for me is talking to the customs people. So I was very distracted, thinking "Just get me through this". I talked to the customs man and it went very quickly. A friend of mine suggested I carry my laptop in my hands onto the plane, so I bent down to remove it from my bag before I put my bag on the conveyor belt. It's then I noticed I had the wrong bag.

So I talked to about 4 people who couldn't help me. Then I talked to one who could. He said "I'll help you, we'll get everything sorted out!" Then he took the tag off my luggage and pushed me out of the customs clearance area. Thanks.

So I made my way back to the bus stop hoping the guy was still standing there. He was, with the bus driver, everyone on the bus, and 10 airport security people, one who had a large laser/gun thing and was about to blow up my bag. Let the good times begin.

So I swapped the bags, went back to re-check my luggage and was told I missed my flight. Dance, Dance, Dance happy. She said I would have to pay a change fee, the third time I've paid the change fee, and I think my tears convinced her otherwise. I got on a 4:40 flight.

I was so relieved I went out and had a cigarette. It's at this point that I noticed my cigarettes and lighter were in the other man's carry on bags. He is Arab. Good luck to him.

I'm paying like $1,000,000 for this internet access, gotta go.

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Danny T said...

What the hell!?!?! Does bad luck follow you around?

I told you, you should have left 3hrs ahead.