Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It stinks!

I just got back from seeing the movie "Invasion". Terrible! It seems I think every movie is terrible lately. I liked Hairspray.
Well I'm a little less tired as I had a nap today but I'm about ready to sleep again. So I got up and wanted to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art as it's free on Tuesdays. My schedule is totally shot. I took my map, the place was marked wrong on the map. I walked for about an hour before I found it, no one knew where it was. It was VERY hot.
Later I went on Architectural boat cruise. It was pretty cool, I enjoyed hearing the history of Chicago. The docent said at one point that in Chicago you can experience all four seasons in one day. That part of the day was summer. I like nearly fell over from heat stroke so I went back to the hostel for a nap in my underwear and ended up surprising the cleaning lady.
So then I went to the Wicked theatre and put my name in for the lottery for $25 front row tickets, didn't get them. I was gonna go for an expensive dinner but couldn't justify it so I spent money shopping instead. I have no idea how I'm going to get all this stuff home, I am SO over the weight limit. So I went to the Hancock Observatory and met a hosteling German girl, then the movie.

A few of the cooler pieces at the Contemporary Art Museum.

All these birds were hanging around the boat. Jay, what kind of bird is this?

A cool building from the Architectural Cruise.

This one was my favourite. The bottom 10 levels were parking, the rest apartments.

This building is green to match the green of the Chicago river and reflects it and the buildings opposite. It also bends to match the bend of the river. Why don't we have cool stuff like this in TO?

Sears tower is the tall one.

Another cool building.

View from the John Hancock building. I think pools on roofs are cool.

Navy Pier day and night.

Chicago skyline day and night.
Finally, a girl today wanted me to give money to help needy kids in America and Africa. She REALLY wanted to talk to me about it. To my credit when I left she was not crying. It took a while, she kept saying "But I send my $20 and this kid writes me" to which I responded "Screw one kid, give them infrastructure, there's no way some 20 year old kid who works part time at Wal-mart should be giving her $20 a month to help American children. Raise your taxes, help yourselves. " Finally I got out of her that to get this $20 a month, the kid has to have a mother, she has to be willing to teach their "curriculum" (she didn't know what that involved) and they have to go on birth control. Lovely program. Shut up and take this pill, we know what's best for you. Now smile pretty for this girl's letter....


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Just mail your excess stuff to yourself, why donchu?

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