Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tonight was heaven

Well, if every night in Hell is the Bi Bash, every night in Heaven would be tonight.
I started the day at about 11 am, I was tired after sleeping upright in the back of car. I went the the Yankee game, here's the new Yankee stadium they're building across the street:

So everyone in New York has a bad attitude. On the way in this woman shouts "If you have a book bag, you can't get in!" So I asked if I could take my bag in. She suggested I give it to my wife, like only ladies carry bags. Then laughed. She's dead now.
So they heard I was coming so there was a 1.5 hour rain delay. I slept most of the time. When I awoke and they were getting ready to start the game, I was dying for a cigarette. Apparently you can't smoke ANYWHERE in Yankee stadium, even outside. So I snuck out and got a warning for smoking from security, she ripped the corner of my ticket. I'm lucky they didn't throw me out, the would have been the first $75 cigarette of mine.
So the game finally started:

And it kept going, and going. 6.5 hours after I arrived I had to leave in the 7th inning so I could get to Hairspray on Broadway. I got 2 different people to take my picture, they're both terrible.

So then I went to Hairspray. On the way I passed Grand Central Station:

And Radio City Music Hall:

It was the best musical I've ever seen, I loved it. One review said "It brings the house down so many times it's a wonder the place is still standing" and it was true. I loved every second down to my soul. Afterwards I bought the soundtrack and I was kind of debating, should I download it? After all Lance Bass (from N'Sync), Jim J. Bullock (diagnosed HIV+ in 1985!), Ashley Parker Angel and Tevin Campbell (who had a #1 with "Round and Round" on the Prince movie Graffiti Bridge), the 4 I came to see, were all not on it. But it's a good thing I did. After the show I saw Lance! I almost died. He and Jim J. signed the CD. Now I must treasure it and sleep with it always. Here's Lance:

And Jim J. Bullock:

It was an amazing night. I wandered for a bit around Time Square and thought of going to get the boyfriend for my Billy doll (his name is Carlos) but I was at 52nd and the store was on 8th, and it was midnight, so I didn't want to walk 44 blocks and find it closed.
Oh yes, and the picture of the park in the post from yesterday was not Central Park, turns out I went the wrong way. Another day as well.
Tomorrow I have to get up early as I have my sightseeing tour thing. It's already 2 a.m. and my pictures haven't finished uploading yet. Gotta go!

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