Monday, March 31, 2008

Community Service

So like any good gay I service the community. I've been working like 7 days a week selling stuff on ebay for the Archives, and I came across this cool joke book, here's some samples.

What's in the air in San Francisco that prevents women from getting pregnant?
- Men's legs.

What did a blind lesbian say when she passed the seafood market?
- "Hi girls."

Brilliant, eh? It's kind of a pain in the ass but I've raised about $500 in a week and a half. And as payment if I occasionally fall in love with a book I can keep it. Or if they have 500 copies of the same title.
I need an assistant to help me. He should be about 35 tall, dark and handsome, or about 17 and dumb. Either way.

The best news is I GOT FUCKING 19TH ROW CENTRE FOR GEORGE MICHAEL!!!! I am so happy I think I burst. Or maybe that was my eardrums from the Ottawa flight.

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