Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hazardous Driving

On my way home from the archives tonight I took like 2 steps out the door and this guy calls me over to his car. I thought he wanted directions so I went over and he says "Where are you going?" so I said "Yonge and St Clair" and he says "Get in". I was like "No, thanks" and he's like "C'mon" and I was thinking what a fabulous blog entry so I got in the car.
It turns out he just finished working, he's the guy who goes up to people in bars and asks if they want to buy a rose. So I thought, I'm not putting out so I better start chatting. We talked a little and then the drop off. It went easier than I thought, no wrestling match at the door, and he did invite himself in, and I thought about it for a second, and then realized my place was a mess.

Last night at the archives I met Ian Young, he wrote Out in Paperback: A Visual History of Gay Pulps which got me into collecting gay books and brought me to the archives in the first place so that was amazing and I talk to him for about 30 minutes. He wrote a book how the community went from Stonewall to AIDS and I asked how. I said how I had done a few research posts on my blog, but how do you continue for an entire book, and how do you not keep quoting other people who said the stuff before you did. He said you quote people all the time and it's quite similar to my research approach but after you finish, you do it again with a slight variation on topic and collect them all into a book. That sounds like something I could do.

I broke my office-style chair at my desk at home by having sex on it. I live in a bachelor apartment, how many options do I have? Now what will I do? It has a habit of throwing anyone who sits in it across the room unless you balance on it perfectly. Super.

I was thinking to myself the yesterday I should look for a guy with a facial or mental deformity as they'd be easier to catch and a cute one talked to me in the elevator at the archives. He was holding a book he was reading so I figured the mental problems couldn't be that bad. The whole ride home in the flower car I was thinking "I should have asked that guy out." If I see him there again I'll be on him like white on rice.

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No Fun said...

"...and I was thinking what a fabulous blog entry so I got in the car."

Although it may ruin my future reading entertainment, I feel vaguely obliged to note that this may by the worst criteria ever for deciding what to do.