Monday, March 17, 2008

Ottawa - March 27, 2008

I'm going to be in Ottawa March 27-30 for work and wanted to check out what there is to see and do.

I am on Porter flight PD0245 leaving the island airport at 7 a.m. Why 7 a.m.? Because that is my life. Then I'm on course until 4:30 p.m., then staying at the glorious Days Inn - Ottawa. Owww.... the glamour!

So will I be exhausted Thursday night from getting up at 5:30 in the morning? Does a bear shit in the woods? How about something light for Thursday night, like the Rideau Canal? But without skating and no boat tours, what do you do, walk around and freeze? I can do that.

Mapquest says the main spot for viewing is 6 kms away but the hotel is on Rideau St so it can't be that far. Don't forget, I will be seeing mud in the dark, not this view.

Actually the War Museum is free Thursday from 4-9 pm so I'm there. Maybe Rideau on Friday? Hopefully it will be raining.

It's like 3 km away and the walk seems to go right past Parliament Hill, which I'm assuming has the Parliament Buildings?

How do I get there? The transit site is useless. Check out this picture:

Wonderful. Now it's clear.

So Saturday I can check out the National Gallery of Canada which looks pretty cool.

This is the main entrance. It's open 10-5. It's $9 and also has free admission Thursdays after 5pm. Could I run through both on my first night there as I run past Parliament and fall in Rideau Canal on the way home? That sounds good but then I have Friday Saturday and Sunday free. What else is there to do in this Hamlet?

There's also the Museum of Civilization, 9-5, Thurs 9-9, with this map that I might be able to follow:

Next up the Science and Technology Museum, which is 9 km away and says to take "OC TRANSPO #85 (St Laurent) or # 86 (Elmvale)", heavens knows what that means.

The War Memorial stands in the heart of Confederation Square, whereever that is.

I googled Theatre in Ottawa and my computer started laughing at me. I get this website announcing the 2005 season. What do these people do at night? Fall asleep at 5 pm?
I could go see Fred Eaglesmith and the Flying Squirrels:

Doesn't he look lovely?
There is a gay theatre company, their next production is July 17. What year?
It turns out the gay district is like across the street from Parliament. How convenient! It has two shops, one called Wilde's and one called After Stonewall Books, which has a broken website. Looks like hours of fun!


I've Been to Ottawa said...

I haven't been to the Science museum, so I can't comment on that. Shouldn't be too hard to get to, I actually found that the trip planner for OC Transpo works well.

Everything else should be well within your walking range. I did all of this stuff on foot with no problems.

Probably a 15-minute walk from your hotel to Parliament Hill. The War memorial is at the bottom of the hill. Good photos -- in fact, all of the grounds of the Parliament Buildings are very good, there are something like fifteen statues there.

The National Gallery is right close by.

The Museum of Civilization is on the other side of the river from Parliament Hill, a nice walk across Pont Alexandra - about fifteen minutes.

It's a bit of a longer walk from The Hill to the War Museum, but still reasonable, plus it takes you all the way down Wellington, past some interesting and significant buildings (Bank of Canada, Supreme Court etc.) It gets a bit dodgy when you're almost there as the road sorta turns into a highway but it's navigable.

I could eaily spend 4-5 hours each in the War Museum and the National Gallery. Don't try and cheap out and get into everything all on the same free night or anything.

Your hotel is close to the U of Zero, so you can try and find the impressionable youngsters.

Also... said...

Oh, also, just for the record, Fred Eaglesmith is a pretty cool cat. So there.

DT said...

I have been to Ottawa myself......I disagree.
Cheap out.
If you spend money, you will regret it.

dunnadam said...

Thanks for your advice, one of you. And while Fred Eaglesmith may be a cool cat in this picture they said "Pretend you're a serial killer. GO!" *SNAP*

DT said...

Hey, you may not 'thank' me, but at the end of your trip, you will tell me that I am right!

DT said...

Parliament Hill - Free
Yes, there are plenty of statues around Parliament Hill, and a Terry Fox statue on the south side of Wellington across from the Parliament Building.

Confederation Square/War Memorial is really close and between Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal. The upside triangle on the map.

The Rideau Canal may not be cold enough to walk upon by the time you get there, so not as fascinating as when it is frozen. I have never been on the Rideau myself.

Museum of Civilization is kinda cool. If you get there, you are technically in Quebec! Can't remember the admission price, but I got in for free, so that's why I am not complaining too much. I probably could have lived if I never saw it.....

Eat a schwarma....that's the Ottawa experience.

Never been to the War Museum. However, you go anymore west, you are heading to the suburbs....even more yawn!

Continue east on Wellington and you will reach Ottawa's Eaton Centre (about 10 mins walk from Parliament), the only vestige of urban life.

You are on your own for the next 3days and 18hours.......!