Monday, March 24, 2008

Hey there, Veggie Boy

Well it's been a week now since I became a vegetarian and I notice two things. I do feel like I'm kind of missing something in my diet, but I also have not felt sick after eating for a week. Sometimes after I eat a burger or some other bad fast food I'll feel not sick, but not well, like I don't want to walk around for a while. Haven't felt that.
Next weekend in Ottawa I have plans to go to the Keg and if I do I will order a steak. Steak was like my favourite thing a little while ago so it will be too hard to resist.
It just became a question of ethics. If I support not eating eggs and treating chicken correctly, how can I justify eating a pig raised under similar conditions? It's not like I'll never eat meat again, but it's the same principle with robbing a bank. You don't do it because it's wrong, not because of the punishment.

So Friday I went to the ROM, Saturday I went to Peterborough to see where my brother goes to school at Trent and then yesterday I went to the new site for the Archives and went through their duplicate books and magazines for 6.5 hours. Then today I tried to sell some of them. I created an "About Me" page for the Archives. The thing is, they have about 40 boxes of books and about 100 boxes of magazines that I could never go through if I had the rest of my life so its quite a daunting task.

Finally I close with my new deodorant, from Avon, Cool Confidence.

"Always on-the-go, yet always feminine with Cool Confidence!"
Everything I always wanted to be. I liked unscented deodorants and if they made more for men I wouldn't be in this pickle.

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