Friday, March 28, 2008

Ottawa: Day Two

Being gay sometimes sucks.
When I went to the National Gallery yesterday there was no gay art. All the couples were men/women. Who is keeping our history? I'm guessing largely the trash can.
Then yesterday I read the Ottawa version of Xtra magazine. The Toronto one is about 80 pages, the Ottawa one is 16 pages. There was an editorial where there were saying how people were defacing their newspaper boxes, writing "AIDS fags leave Gatineau" etc. And setting the boxes on fire. They are also campaigning to make Bank Street the official gay district. I went there today, its two stores, good luck with that.
Then I went into Chapters in the Rideau Centre. So I'm looking for the gay book section. Is it in Lifestyle? No that's all health and fitness. Current events? No. By sexuality? No. In with the arts? No. I finally gave up. I usually ask but sometimes its just too much. I exist, eh!
I found this book at the gay book store:

It's a gay version of choose your own adventure.
So after my course was over I walked over to see the War Monument:

and the Rideau Hotel:

and Parliament:

Which was of course closed and had no times or dates to come back. Helpful.
There was some cool statues, like this one for the women's movement:

And this bell:

Which fell through Parliament as it burned:

and a good view:

So now its 8 pm so I'm in my hotel as everything closes at 6. Or 5. Tomorrow and or Sunday I'm going to the Museum of Civilization, The Currency Museum (free!), Canada Science and Technology Museum, and Canadian Museum of Nature.
P.S. They haven't posted prices for the George Michael Toronto concert yet but I think the $385 per ticket they're asking for the Montreal concert ain't good news. Especially as I now don't have enough for 2 tickets at that price on my card....

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Danny said...

Why in the world would you choose to spend your weekend in Ottawa?