Monday, March 10, 2008

Gay Cats

You know what would be cool? If I could refine some of this stuff a little (a lot) and make it into a book.
Anyway, today's topic: I heard through the homosexual orthodoxy some house cats are homosexual. Is this true or the right wing spreading fear and negativity toward the pussies?
According to Yahoo Answers, this guy has a gay cat:
Is it possible for a cat to be homosexual? Because if it is, my cat is it..he humps my other male cat all the time, well tries anyway. They are both fixed. I have 2 female cats also, and he doesnt go after them, only the male, always licking him, and mounting him...anyone know why? or is he just a homosexual cat?

Of course this is difficult to do when you internet connection is slower than me running from a pie. So I'll post this one.

Trannie chimps? When was this on PBS?

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